I’m a second-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at Yale University. I’m interested in the structure and meaning of language. I love cats. I’m a Hongkonger.

What's new?

  • Young Scholar Award for Prosodic Grammar, First Place (Photo credit: Jia Jin)
    • I’m deeply honored to receive this award at ICPG-7, BLCU & TJU, China, Apr 17-18. The title of my awarded paper is “Syntax-prosody Mapping of Right Dislocation: A Comparative Study of Cantonese and Mandarin”.
  • CanTONEse (Android/iOS) has recently been released!
    • It’s an app assisting second-language learning of Cantonese tones, jointly developed by Mei-ying KI, Yik-Po LAI & me for CUHK-CHLL.

Upcoming talks

2021, Aug 30-Sep 3. Differential metaphorization and grammaticalization in Chinese light verbs. SLE 2021, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (online). [with Benjamin K. TSOU]

2021, Sep 14-17. Hyper-raising, evidentiality, and phase deactivation. WFL-13, Auditório do Instituto de Letras, Universidade de Brasília (online). [with Tommy Tsz-Ming LEE]

2021, Sep 14-17. Universal concord as syntactic agreement. WFL-13, Auditório do Instituto de Letras, Universidade de Brasília (online).

Recent talks

2021, Jun-Jul. Concord as syntactic agreement: evidence from intervention effects. Poster at CGG-30, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (online). [poster] [handout]

2021, Jun. 何處是粵語口語和書面語語料的分水嶺——從LIVAC談起 [Where is the dividing line between spoken and written Cantonese data source: from the LIVAC perspective]. WOC-21, EdUHK (online). [with Benjamin K. TSOU & Yaxuan JI]

2021, Jun. Converbs and adverbial clauses: a case study in Cantonese. NACCL-33, Uchicago (online). [handout]

2021, Jun. Separable verbs as partial deletion in Cantonese. NACCL-33, Uchicago (online). [with Sheila Shu-Laam CHAN & Tommy Tsz-Ming LEE] [handout] [slides]

2021, Jun. MSC variations in metaphorization among Pan-Chinese speech communities. NACCL-33, Uchicago (online). [with Benjamin K. TSOU] [slides]

2021, Jun. Differential metaphorization and grammaticalization: a case study of Chinese light verbs. RaAM-14, Vilnius, Lithuania. [slides]

2021, May. (Invited talk) CanTONEse (Android/iOS), an app for learning Cantonese tones. School of Cantonese Studies, EdUHK (online). [with Mei-ying KI & Yik-Po LAI]

2021, May. Exclusive focus in Yoruba. SNEWS 2021, UConn (online). [handout]