I’m a fourth-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at Yale University. I’m interested in the structure of language and how it relates to meaning and sound. I love cats. I’m a Hong Konger.

What's new?

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Upcoming talks

2023, October 5-6. Jussive agreement with non-agreeing resumptive pronouns in Mandarin Chinese. BCGL-16, CRISSP of KU Leuven. [with Xuetong Yuan]

Recent talks

2023, May 12-14. Are there weak definites in bare classifier languages?. SALT-33, Yale. [with Ushasi Banerjee & Margaret Chui Yi Lee] [slides] [handout]

2023, May 5-7. Agreeing with ‘only’. WCCFL-41, UCSC. [handout]

2023, April 28-30. Defocus leads to syntax-prosody mismatches in right dislocated structures. CLS-59, UChicago. [with Xuetong Yuan] [slides]