I am a first-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at Yale University. I study Syntax, Semantics and their interface. Cats are my favorite. I’m a Hongkonger.


2020, Dec. Indirect evidence as a licensing condition of hyperraising in Cantonese and Vietnamese. BCGL-13, CRISSP of KU Leuven. [with Tommy Tsz-Ming LEE] [handout] [slides]

2020, Dec. On the position of perfective aspect. ARF-2020. CUHK (ZOOM). [handout]

2020, Dec. 漢語動詞虛化初探:港澳京三地同中之異[A preliminary study on metaphorization of Chinese verbs: comparing Hong Kong, Macau and Beijing]. ARF-2020. CUHK (ZOOM). [with Benjamin K. TSOU & Yaxuan JI] [slides] [samples]

2020, Nov. CanTONEse: a self-learning mobile app for Cantonese tones. Yue 24, University of Macau. [with Mei-ying KI & Yik-Po LAI] [slides] [App (For Andriod)]

2020, Oct. Bilingual multi-word expressions, multiple-correspondence, and their cultivation from parallel patents: the Chinese-English case. PACLIC-34 Workshop on MWEA, VNU University of Science, Hanoi. [with Benjamin K. TSOU, Ka Po CHOW, John LEE, Yaxuan JI & Kevin WU] [paper]

2020, Oct. A corpus-based comparative study of light verbs in three Chinese speech communities. PACLIC-34, VNU University of Science, Hanoi. [with Benjamin K. TSOU] [slides] [paper]


2021, Feb 13. Separable verbs, syllable deletion, and micro-variations. Phex-11, Sapporo University (online). [with Sheila Shu-Laam CHAN & Tommy Tsz-Ming LEE]

The Fourth Forum on Cantonese Linguistics (FoCaL-4) on 29 May! [CFP] [poster] [submission]